How to Pick a Catering Company

How to Pick a Catering Company

Whether it is a wedding, a business conference, or a birthday party the one thing everyone will remember is the food. “Oh, remember “So-and-So’s birthday party? The Salmon was amazing.” “Hey, remember last year’s business conference?” “Yeah, the eggs were rubbery and awful.” The key to making sure that your event is remembered has an amazing occasion is having amazing food. And the key to having amazing food is picking an amazing caterer.

Here are 4 tips for how to pick a catering company for the right occasion.

  1. Schedule a Tasting

The best way to find a caterer that meets your needs? Taste the end result. A tasting will allow you to sample items from the menu and gauge the food quality.

  1. Find a Caterer that Meets Your Needs

Every catering company has its strong suits. Some catering companies are adept at staging formal cocktail parties and sit down dinners. Other catering companies are more suited for 500 person buffet dinners. So make sure that your catering company can meet your needs.

  1. Ask for References, Check for Food Freshness

Hiring a catering company is like hiring a contractor. Would you hire someone to roof your house without checking their references? No. Then why would you hire a catering company for your wedding without checking their references? You shouldn’t.

You will also want to inquire about food freshness and food sourcing. You want to make sure that you are paying for fresh, not frozen, food.

  1. Got Food Allergies? Make Sure Your Caterer can Accommodate Them

Food allergies are increasingly common, and it isn’t uncommon to have people with several types of food sensitivities — like an allergic reaction to gluten or dairy – attending your event. Make sure your catering company can accommodate these types of food allergies.